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Church Planting

Church planting is the ultimate goal of missions. With their knowledge of the culture, language, lifestyle and standard of living, national church planters can begin work immediately upon finishing their theological training.

When we partner with the National Church to plant a church in a village, the total cost is as low as $100 per month. This includes salary, travel, housing and other expenses. In larger towns and cities, increased cost of living will need to be reflected in the total cost. It is anticipated that three to five years is required to bring a local church into existence.

Asian churches are taking responsibility and ownership of these church-planting endeavors by providing a portion of the support for these men. Because of their financial investment, there is a greater assurance of accountability.

Partnership Missions then seeks to find American churches that will partner with the National Church to provide the remaining support. Normally, Partnership Missions provides 50-70 percent of the total cost.

Churches are being planted now and, with our help, hundreds more can be planted in Asia. Currently, over seventy church planters are carrying on the work of developing indigenous local churches.

National churches sending nationals to plant churches among nationals — this is an efficient and cost effective way of fulfilling the Great Commission in parts of the world that may be closed to American missionaries.

Local Churches helping Local Churches to grow and plant more Local Churches — that's what Partnership Missions is all about!

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