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Training for Ministry

Scholarships are granted to needy students for theological training. The purpose of these scholarships is to train the future leadership of the churches. Many of the graduates enter full-time ministry as church planters, pastors, teachers or lay leaders.

All students go through a selection process, with greater scrutiny given to those who seek higher degrees.

The process seeks to qualify the student in three ways:

  • Approved by God — their testimony of salvation and call to ministry.
  • Approved by their local church — effectiveness in their local church before seeking further training.
  • Approved by their association — their relationship to the group of churches and plans for future ministry.

Students study in an approved college in Asia. Amazingly, room, board, and tuition in a Bible college or seminary averages $250 for the entire year in these countries. Each year many scholarships are given to young men and women by Partnership Missions.

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