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Give Now

Donations to Partnership Missions can be made on the Baptist Mid-Missions website using PayPal, or direct to Partnership Missions by check or money order. Donations can be directed to any of the specific categories described below. Both one-time and monthly donations are accepted. All gifts are tax-deductible and will be receipted.

How to give online...

Donations can be given to Partnership Missions online using PayPal through the Baptist Mid-Missions website, www.bmm.org. Click one of the links below to begin the process. When the BMM site opens, click on the PayPal icon on the right hand side of the screen and enter your information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you enter all your details, you will be allowed to review your payment. To designate your gift, you must click on "add special instructions to seller". In the dialog box identify the category and/or account number from the Partnership Missions website (for example, "India Ministries, Account #806004").

How to give by check or money order...

For a printable donation form in Acrobat (PDF) format, click here: DonationCard.pdf

  Category Account No.
Donate India Ministries (evangelism and discipleship) 806004
Donate Myanmar Ministries (evangelism and discipleship) 806007
Donate Scholarships (training individuals for ministry) 806006
Donate Church Planting (establishing new local churches) 806008
Donate Director (support and travel expenses) 706130
Donate Church Building Project 806004