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Special Projects

As we work with the National churches, other needs arise. Some of the Special Projects include:

  • Church Buildings: They supply land and labor; we seek to provide the building materials.
  • Study Materials: Pastors and college libraries desperately need theological resources.
  • Christian Literature: Production and distribution of gospel tracts and other Christian materials.
  • Christian High School: Quality education and learning English are attractive to families of varying religious backgrounds.
  • Campus Ministry: Reaching students while they are preparing for the future.

Give Now

To donate to Partnership Missions' Special Projects (India Ministries or Myanmar Ministries), please click here.

Building Projects

Church Planting Project: Four New Church Plants

A group of churches in a southern state of India is seeking to plant churches in their city and surrounding communities. This state has over 62 million people. 87% are Hindu, 5.5% are Muslim and 5.7% Christian (covering all denominations). They are frustrated with their inability to actively plant more churches so they have developed a Church Based Church Planting Training program.

They will start with 4 men, placing them in the mission field setting while they are training. Then they will be sent by the churches for church planting. This is a seven year project totaling approximately $71,700 (or the cost of 1 American church planter for one year). But Partnership Missions will not take responsibility for the total cost. Ultimately 36% of the cost will be borne by the national churches, including self support by the new churches. Our commitment will be for approximately $45,900.

It is expected that 4 solid indigenous churches will be the result. Your participation in this project can be for any portion of the 7 year project. Please consider assisting these churches to plant 4 new churches.

New Church Building Project

A group of churches in NE India are laying the foundation stone for their new building the last week of November 2007. They estimate the cost of the new building will be $12,500 and they have collected approximately $5,000 from their churches. With this they will begin the foundation work. They are asking our help for the remaining $7,500. Can you help?

Completed Project Report

Praise the Lord for the completion of a church building in NE India with the help of Partnership Missions. The first picture shows the building as far as the believers could do by themselves. The second picture is work begun with help from Partnership Missions. The third is the completed building.

Completed Projects