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Our History and Philosophy

Asia has the world's fastest growing population. It is home to many religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. To these countries God called missionary pioneers such as Judson and Carey. Years of missionary service have produced churches, Bible colleges, and other institutions. Yet, today only a small percentage of the population of these countries claim Christianity.

Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries served in India for more than fifty years before they were forced to leave Northeast India in 1984. One of those missionaries, Dr. James Garlow, had a burden to continue to assist the National believers. He began a literature ministry, provided scholarships to train individuals for ministry, and initiated a free Bible correspondence course that expanded the ministry to include believers in Myanmar. In the early 1990's, Dr. Paul Versluis, who had also served as a missionary in India, took responsibility for the ministry and focused on assisting the national church. A former pastor and missionary to Australia served in this ministry assignment from 2002-2008. Dr. Sana Singh was named to direct this ministry in August, 2009.

The strategy is to train nationals for ministry and to establish ministries for nationals. The emphasis is on church planting through establishing, strengthening, and encouraging national churches in their efforts to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our philosophy is to promote partnership not sponsorship. Since churches in these countries contribute to each ministry, there is an "ownership" and desire to be wise stewards of the projects. This partnership approach results in greater concern and personal involvement all around.